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    Our Business Is Focused On Providing You With The Best EV Home Charging System and Installation

    Charging Your EV at Home Is Safe and Convenient

    Our technician will install all 240-volt electrical services required by law to plug in your Level 2 EV fast charger. Whether your vehicle is all electric, or hybrid.

    Every Make. Every Model.

    All Installed Chargers are Guaranteed 5 Years

    You will be assigned a reliable and dedicated EV installation personal advisor that will “listen and understand” your home charging needs. Our mission is to create a stress-free charging installation for our customers. We are here every step of the way.

    Our Electric Vehicle charging installation packages start as low as $799*.

    Don’t just let anyone install a high voltage EV charger.

    Trust The Experts

    Our licensed electricians are available for on-demand power installations​

    ConnectEV manages everything you need to get your home ready to charge your electric vehicle.

    Licensed & Insured Electricians

    On-Demand Availability 7 Days a Week.

    ConnectEV Level 2 Home Systems
    Charge up to 7x Faster

    Universal Charger
    TESLA Charger

    Home Installation Pricing

    One price per menu item. No hidden charges.

    240-Volt Electric Service Upgrade and Outlet

    This is our traditional EV 240-volt quick connect garage installation. This is where you would plug your EV cord for charging.

    Power Source routing and installation plan

    Electrical Service upgrade to 240-volt 40amp service required by law to plug in factory included Charger

    Licensed and Insured Electrician for a professional Installation

    * This option does not include a level 2 fast charger

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    Electric Service Upgrade and Level 2 Fast Charger

    This is our upgraded EV 240-volt premier charging installation. This quick connect garage installation includes start buttons and additional attached EV cord holder.

    Level 2 EV Fast Charging Station with 5-year warranty

    Power Source routing and installation plan

    Electrical Service upgrade to 240-volt 40amp service required by law to power the Charger

    Licensed and Insured Electrician for a professional Installation

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    Certified Dealer Program

    Connect EV Sticker

    The ConnectEV Certified Dealer Program was developed to help dealers create a frictionless customer experience when selling an electric vehicle.

    We offer in-dealership EV training for your sales staff and in-dealership customer EV charging information booklets. We do the heavy lifting for your staff.

    No need to have a customer “call an electrician” to hook them up. We are the experts.

    With our easy one tap QR code, or a live link on your website, your staff will be able to guide your client to schedule the required 240-volt electric service for the Level 2 charging installation for your customer.

    Being prepared for the EV transition will give you the advantage over the competition.

    Our Electric Vehicle charging installation packages can be included on the New Vehicle purchase order for customer ease. We will invoice you later.

    Where can I charge my EV?

    The most common place to charge an EV is at home. or work. Public charge points can either be a valuable alternative for EV users without access to a home or workplace charger, This is a convenient way to occasionally charge up, or essential during longer journeys. Please note 80% of EV owners charge their vehicles at home.

    How do I charge my EV at home?

    Your EV comes with a standard 100 power cord which can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet. This is known as Level 1 charging and not an efficient way to charge your vehicle. Average charging time is 2-5 miles driving range per hour.

    Can I Charge my EV faster and more efficiently?

    YES. ConnectEV provides customers with LEVEL 2 rapid charging products. Our rapid charging connects to a 240-volt outlet and can charge an EV battery up to six times faster. Average charging time is 12-30 miles driving range per hour.

    How do I schedule my ConnectEV installation?

    Just fill out and submit the installation request form on the website, a customer care specialist will contact you to schedule a time and date at your earliest convenience.

    How long will it take to install my charging station?

    Depending on your vehicle and the location you would like your connection, ConnectEV installations range between 3 to 6 hours. Once you submit your ConnectEV product type from our pricing menu, we can give you a more accurate estimate.

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